Top Ten Shitty Things OSU Did This Year

December 21, 2012

Here at The Pulse, many of us enjoy reporting on issues that fall by the wayside. Hell, this paper was started on the premise that The Lantern misses out on a lot of student issues that don’t have to do with beer, football and whoever’s playing at The Newport.

A lot of shit happened in 2012. And it wasn’t “Shit Happens” kind of shit; rather, it was “What the hell is wrong with this university” kind of shit. The Pulse covered a lot of it, but even mainstream outlets like The Lantern and The Dispatch got in on the fun at times.

So, the shittiest things OSU did this year, in no particular order…

Made Students Sit-In for a Hate Crime Alert
Guys, if someone vandalizes the side of a campus building with racially-charged graffiti immediately after a racially-charged incident at a Trayvon Martin vigil, that’s not something you can quietly sweep under the rug. Especially once it goes viral on Twitter and The Huffington Post.

Kicked Students Out of Bricker Hall In The Middle of a Prayer Vigil
Anti-sweatshop activists teamed up with the local faith community to pray inside of Bricker Hall, and — YOU ALL GOTTA LEAVE IT’S AFTER FIVE THIS IS NO LONGER A PUBLIC BUILDING LET’S ROLL

Published Muslim-Bashing Advertisements in the Student Newspaper
At least twice, mind you, and even after students (including – gasp! – Undergraduate Student Government) raised a ruckus the first time.

Signed a Monopoly Apparel Deal with a Sweatshop User
And cut out potentially hundreds of Ohio jobs in the process. Just because United Students Against Sweatshops called it a “victory” doesn’t mean handing over all apparel production rights to one contractor is a wise move.

Worked on At Least 10 Construction Projects At One Time
Seriously, earlier this semester I couldn’t even get from south of campus to the SEL without three detours. Can’t you kids finish playing with one set of toys before starting with the others?

Didn’t Tell Students About Police Brutality and Racial Profiling
This one kinda speaks for itself.

Didn’t Tell Students About Four Sexual Assaults in Dorms This Semester Alone
Better yet, OSU Police Chief Denton said after the rape was reported in the Neil Avenue Building: “We don’t think it’s an ongoing problem to the campus community.” So how many rapes have to be reported before it’s an “ongoing problem,” you privileged bucket of bile? To clarify, feminist advocates on campus don’t want victims or event the precise location of the sexual assault to be identified, but rather simply the building and the actions taken by police to be disclosed as soon as possible, rather than by The Lantern weeks later. Students have delivered hundreds of petition signatures to the Vice President of Student Life demanding change, but she has yet to respond.

Raised Fees on International Students With No Student Input
Even better, they’re trying to make international students subsidize domestic students’ study abroad programs, ‘cause this is ‘MURICA and there’s nothing – gasp! – socialist at all about that! (Really, though, it’s just racist and absurd.) And you know it’s bad if even the politically lukewarm USG is allegedly pissed about it.

Gave President Gee Another Fucking Bonus
You live in a mansion for free, make some $820K a year in base pay, and we somehow need to give you a $333K bonus to retain your services? The only thing more inflated than your pay is your ego. At least now, mainstream national news sources like Bloomberg are turning up the heat on you and your bullshit.

Privatized Parking Despite Massive Faculty and Student Outcry
Faculty parking pass prices are gonna get jacked up, and OSU loses out on $500 million over the course of the 50-year deal. Hundreds of faculty and staff signed petitions against it, and students joined in with protests, but administration signed it anyway because they’re professionals and they know what they’re doing, okay? Stop whining and get back to class.

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