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Fuck Jan Brewer and the Friday Night News Dump

May 5, 2012


I know I’ve been critical of Planned Parenthood before, boorishly so, but this, is some bullshit, and it does pose an existential threat to Planned Parenthood in the state of Arizona. Jan Brewer knows it’s some bullshit because she signed it Friday night, the time when executives sign all the pieces of legislation of which they’re ashamed. It’s likely to be blocked and ruled unconstitutional, just like all the other laws in all the other states that try to do the same thing. News reports from the Arizona state legislature are practically disaster porn at this point, and I try to stay away from them lest I develop hypertension at age 25, but I never issued an apology of sorts for failing to properly recognize the climate of fear and antagonism that Planned Parenthood has to live in every single day. Blind allegiance to institutions still creeps me out from time to time, but I understand that it’s sometimes necessary when that institution has to constantly fight for its right to exist. Punitive legislation is the pettiest thing, and the class/race implications of defunding affordable access to women’s health care, dearest abstract unknowable metaphysical life force, the class/race implications. Those who still think I’m a sexist, racist giant ball of glib entitlement will probably never read this, but if you could pass it on to them. And if you see the OSU community, can you give it a big hug for me? Love, ultimately, is the only way to heal this toxic climate. for hate mail, screeds, and marriage proposals

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