Pipeline Protesters Open the Spigot on Boehner

December 14, 2011

WEST CHESTER, OH — Protestors upset by Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s midnight hour passing of Keystone XL Pipeline legislation performed a human oil spill at his Ohio office this morning.

Nearly 40 people from around the state arrived at Speaker Boehner’s office at eleven in the morning. They were met by a congressional staffer who barred their entry on the basis that ‘they were not constituents.’ When the protestors delivered their message from the sidewalk, she remained stern and did not take notes, but promised to relay the information to the congressman.

The protestors created a human oil spill after being shut out from the office. Activists dressed in black sprawled out on the pavement to visually represent the environmental costs of the planned Keystone XL pipeline. They also dumped Boehner Bills from a simulated pipeline to show how corporate oil profits flow into the congressman’s electoral war chest.

Protestors create a human oil spill outside of the Speaker's office

“It is no surprise to us that Speaker Boehner would take such desperate measures to save an issue both President Obama and Senate Leader Reid have threatened to kill,” said Columbus resident Adrian Jusdanis, an organizer with Occupy The Oval at Ohio State. “Speaker Boehner has been bought and paid for by the corporate fossil fuel industry. He has received millions from the dirty energy industry, and has received more money from those sources than anyone else in Congress.”

Adrian Jusdanis speaks on Boehner's relationship with big energy

The proposed pipeline would run from Canadian tar sands to Texas oil refineries, transporting oil intended largely for export.

Legislation on the Keystone XL Pipeline has been under fire since its inception. Grassroots outcry has lined up Democrats to oppose construction. Since then, the project has met a strange fate after being amended onto a Republican payroll tax cut bill that was passed by the House yesterday.

Pundits argue that the only reason that Keystone XL Pipeline construction was added to the payroll bill was to boost Republican claims of job creation. But the amount of jobs the pipeline will create has been under intense scrutiny.

The only independent report, performed by Cornell University’s Global Labor Institute, noted that Republican claims are “misleading” and that its construction “would create far fewer jobs in the US than its proponents have claimed and may actually destroy more jobs than it generates.” It found that Keystone XL Pipeline construction would likely create only 50 permanent jobs in the US.

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Editor’s Note: Check out the video of the action here!

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